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Iroz Motorsport currently has one position open for an Experienced Salesperson




A salesperson for Iroz must share the passion for performance. Being personable, outgoing and driven is essential in order to be successful in this industry, but more than that is the need to exceed expectations and wow our clients. Any who trusts Iroz Motorsport with their vehicle is purchasing the best of the best and along with that comes the necessity of transparency and communication. 

Weekly Goals

Along with the broad skills listed above, a salesperson should have clear goals for themselves and their performance. By this they are able to evaluate past actions for their efficacy and model future actions, with the intention of bettering not only their sales numbers, but also the growth and direction of the company as a whole. Goals should be achievable, coherent and measurable enough that review with Management is simple and metric. Sales is at its core a numbers game and with those numbers comes results.


Tech Savvy

  • Use of Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail and all Microsoft Suite programs. Invoicing and Quickbooks experience as well as the ability to learn new POS systems are a must. 

  • Ability to create and maintain a brand focused Social Media presence that promotes Iroz and represents the company in a positive light.

  • Ability to use current apps and platforms to reach out to clients via social media up to and including maintaining fast paced forum threads with multiple recipients.


  • Clearly and concisely communicates the cost, expected completion time and requirements for major automotive projects. This includes upsells, setbacks and delivery information to customers on a weekly basis. 

  • Must be able to communicate effectively verbally and in writing, whether in person or via telephone and using the methods of communication outlined above. 

  • Phone manners, typing and texting etiquette and professionalism are essential. Setting ourselves apart from our competitors is what makes Iroz the best in the business. 


  • Goals, communication and cooperation are vital for the success of anyone in a sales position. This is doubly important at Iroz as we are pioneering new innovations daily. 

  • Sales is the goal, world domination is the destination and communication is the vital path to achieve this. Betterment across the board is the key to victory and new ideas are welcome. 

  • Familiarity with high performance automotive parts and services is important in order to communicate effectively with customers the final product they are purchasing.


The Salesperson will report directly to the General Manager and Owners, this position will allow for creativity and change but will require a person with desire and initiative in order to be successful.

 If interested please send resume and cover letter with the subject line "Experienced Salesperson" to sales@irozmotorsport.com

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